We use titanium in all of our high performance skis to aid in dampening of the ski and torsional rigidity of the ski. For weight to strength ratio it can not be matched!!

With added carbon we can reduce the weight of the ski whilst keeping strength. When using our special blend carbon stringers we create the perfect pop through the ski making it 10/10 when put into the freestyle enviroment.

When using titanium we combine it with full width VDS rubber to make the perfect bond between the alloy and other composites, meaning you get the maximum life out of our products.

Over time we've developed a special formulated blend of timbers striaght from the labrotory for all our high performance skis! Each discipline has its own specail formula.

Placebo Technology

We don't like to glam up our technology to make you think your skiing on a spaceship like some other brands. In other words if we want to tell you we've made an extremely light weight performance core we'd just say we blend the right timbers together to harness the natural properties of the timber. When we could say something like this, with the right modules of elasticity/density and rupture we are able to synergise the fraxinus americana with the thermo nuclear blah blah blah. But all of that is just a bunch of big words. So let us worry about the science behind everything and you worry about having a good day up the hill.

Our Flex cores are a perfect blend of timbers we use in our skis that need to be lightweight but still springy so you can pop off booters and but still butter around. When mixed with carbon we can create a pretty darn good ski.